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Monster Monthly #1 (Marvel UK/1982)

Monster Monthly (Marvel UK/1981)

Various (w) & (a)

Monster Monthly was a very short lived comic lasting just 8 issues and was obviously not very popular which is a pity as this comic/magazine contains stories from the by then defunct marvel black & white" horror line launched in the seventies.

First up is part one of a Frankenstein revival from Chris Claremont with art by John Buscema & Syd Shores. I prefer my horror in black & white as this comic presents them. Old Frankie is found in an exhibit at a funfair by a rather obsessive and murderous nuero-surgeon wanting to make his name. You can guess what happened next. And of course the story continues in Monster Monthly #2!

Tigra is the second main feature, promoted as a "were woman" but for those unfamiliar with the character sh's a cat not a wolf. Nuff said. The Sernity Stealers is the tale of a rat like creature stealing the life force of humans to, as Tigra discovers feed it's mistress hidden in the caves.

There is one more story, a short horror/mystery tale One Foot in the Grave (no not about Victor Mildrew) but a miserable florist who steals from the dead to make a living until.....

The rest of the magazine is filled with features that held no interest to me. I noticed the covers of the comic don't really indicate it's a actually a comic magazine with photos of horror movies for some reason. Perhaps because of that it got passed over by fans.

Not a priority for collecting but an interesting pick up if you come across a copy.


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