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Adventure Comics #342 (DC/1966)

Adventure Comics #342 (DC)

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From the silver age of comics and my childhood comes this spiffing adventure of the Legion of Superheroes in The Legionnaire Who Killed. Gust starring Dream Girl this is one I do remember reading back in the sixties and was the tale of a jinxed hero, Starboy who killed in self defence but fell foul of the Legions code not to kill.

These were the sixties and comic book adventures were not the dark, violent stories they weave today. People did die but not purposely and Steve Ditko became infamous for his hero, The Question leaving a villain to die in Mysterious Suspense #1 (Charlton Comics/1968)

Mysterious Suspense

Superboy leads the defence case and nearly succeeds in saving Starboy but loses by one vote with even Jimmy Olsen voting guilty. Starboy and Dream girl depart and join the Legion of Substitute Heroes , the ones who didn't make the grade for the Legion itself.

I remember who was responsible for the Legions woes as this was the fourth legionnaire to fall by the wayside. See the next issue....

Great stuff and brings back the memories...

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