Friday, 18 January 2019

Marvel Feature #5 (Marvel/1972)

Marvel Feature #5 (Marvel)

Mike Freidrich (w) Herb Trimpe (a)

The two Ant-Man movies featuring the second version of the character played by former con Scott Lang has been a success a the box office and a third one rumoured to be set in the micro-verse where there are civilisations promises another hit.

However the first and (in my opinion) the greatest Ant-Man was Hank Pym whose adventures I first read in Alan Class black & white reprints back in the sties. By the time I came across Hank Pym in Marvel Comics he had become Giant Man though Jan remained The Wasp in both incarnations.

One of the villains I most recalled was "Egghead" which you can see from all the illustrations is quite indicative of his looks. Ant-Man/Giant-Man were staple features of Marvel fare in the sixties and into the seventies which is where we meet Egghead once again in Ant-Man's run in Marvel Feature.

Trapped at a mini size Henry Pym faces the dangers that the natural world has to hurl against small mammals as we see from the beginning as a hawk descends to make him dinner....

Not only does he have to escape but also somehow manges to find his way into the clutches of Egghead who now has illusions of grandeur in wanting to rule the world. There is the inevitable confrontation with traps and Henry Pym's ability to escape them and rescue the pretty lady too.

Egghead appears to die at the end and I have no knowledge of any other appearances after this but then I can' buy every Marvel comic out there so maybe a reader can tell me if he re-appears.

Ant-Man ran in Marvel Feature from #4 to #10.


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