Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Thor #131 (Marvel/1966)

Thor #131 (Marvel)

Stan Lee (w) Jack Kirby (a)

From the the team that together created the spine of the Marvel Universe in the Fantastic Four and their other creations comes a cosmic adventure of the thunder god, They Strike From Space. Following his outing with Hercules in the previous issue Thor decides not to hang around Olympus as he thinks he could do without making even more enemies that he has already.

But as he heads home thinking of nothing but his love for the fair Jane Foster things are amiss back on planet Earth. Tania Nile (far from the benign flatmate she appears has put a post-hypnotic suggestion in Jane's head to get rid whilst she plots world domination. Yes you guessed it she's an alien with grand plans for mankind under her domination as a Coloniser.

Meanwhile Thor even thinks of renouncing his mortality to be with Jane but finally Odin relents and all should be happy except where is she. Thor discovers the duplicity of Tania Niles and the inevitable conflict begins.

I'm not entirely sure this is the first appearance of the Colonisers but they do appear from time to time over the years in Marvel stories and have an "affinity" with Thor.

I do remember reading this issue as a lad and fretting that I was never able to get the second part of the story which was a problem for us British fans back in the sixties. Not a lot of pocket money and sometimes erratic distribution of titles.

There is also a backup Tales of Asgard feature which are what they are. Never really appealed to me. I preferred a longer main story but that's me!

The next issue is on my "must buy" list!

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