Friday, 17 May 2019


It's been a week since I last posted on this site and apologies from me for taking longer breaks between posts. Truth is I have had a lot and not been reading comics as much as I should do. I have been listening to quite a few new Doctor Who adventures from Big Finish (I may do a post on these shortly) late at night and erm..falling asleep having to at least twice listen to the ending again!

Then there's the elections (did a bit of canvassing) and I finally got around to watching Riverdale having purchased the first two seasons on DVD. Ive watched 8 episodes of season one so far this week and a couple more after I've posted this.

It's different and a very engaging drama involving the guys and gals from Riverdale. I like all of the changes bar one. I would have preferred the Pussycats to be the three in the comics. I understand the need for diversity but I miss Melody. OK.

Still that criticism aside and I'll probably adjust to the change despite being a fan of the move made a while back this is a great series that everyone should be watching.

The TV programme finally made me make up my mind to that age old question, Betty or Veronica.

Veronica it has to be!

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