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Sabrina, the Teenage Witch #66 (Archie/1981)

Sabrina The Teen-Age Witch #66 (Archie)

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Created in 1962 Sabrina The Teenage Witch has been one of Archie's successes over the years if not in comics but on TV.  Cartoons and Two TV series, one of which is current and critically acclaimed as Riverdale the modern adaptation of Archie that I have yet to see.

This comic was one of Sabrina's original series and published 7 times a year. It's obviously aimed at the younger teenage audience but read by a wider one myself included. This is so different from the modern Sabrina comics and the current mini-series is pure Archie horror!

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These comics provide for mild amusement but it's the TV version with Mellissa Joan Hart (1996 - 2003) that is probably best known in the UK. Archie comics were never that big here but do have a certain following and I have a soft spot for the franchise.

The first adaptation on the box was the cartoon series which had one season with 31 episodes broadcast between 1970 and 1974. I don't think these were ever shown in the UK so here's an adventure for the Bank Holiday weekend.

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