Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Judge Dredd Megazine #424 30th Anniversary Issue!

Judge Dredd is at the centre of the continuing survival and current revival of the British comics scene having originally appeared in 2000AD #2 back in 1977 and didn't even make the cover! The first cover appearance of Joe Dredd was not until #10! Gradually over the years Judge Dredd became the central character to 2000AD and developed a fan base of his own. 

It was inevitable especially during the comics boom at the beginning of the nineties that Judge Dredd would eventually get a title of his own Originally called Judge Dredd The Megazine it launched in September 1990 and despite the virtual collapse of British comics in the intervening years still survives alongside it's parent title 2000AD.

The latest issue is a 100 page special and comes with a 68 page supplement a 2000AD Encyclopedia Part One (A to B) which is a fun read and I look forward to collecting the rest. The main issue itself kicks off with part one of a new Dredd story The Victims of Bennet Beeney.

The rest of the issue is full of stories from the Dredd verse including fan favourite Judge Anderson, The Dark Judges plus an entertaining little alternate universe story of Mega City One. There's the continuing Lawless, The Returners (set in Brit Cit) Dreadnoughts and features including a look at the release of the Battle od Britain Special also out this week!

What better way to celebrate this anniversary issue than a look at some of the covers from over the years!

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And don't forget the latest issue of the legendary 2000AD is also out today!

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