Friday, 26 December 2014

God is Dead


God is Dead #25 (Avatar)

Mike Costa (w) Various (a)

This comic is certainly not for the squeamish or the easily offended but makes a fascinating read. Exactly what would happen if the "Gods" came back to Earth. This title brings the horror of celestial and godly conflict to the fore of story telling.

The background to this series is "straightforward". The Gods of old are back and re-asserting their power over the world. The military fight back and fail, then the " Gods" start fighting amongst themselves. In a desperate attempt to stave off Armageddon a group of scientists splice "God" DNA with human DNA. Like that was ever going to work out well.

Meanwhile the atheists are hiding in aboriginal "dream time" and set off to find the big guy himself. The succeed but someones blown half his head off. God is Dead.

This landmark (and over-sized) issue continues the story after everyone thinks it's all over. Jesus has finally sacrificed himself after his "second coming" goes horribly wrong, ending the suffering of eternal life on a warring Earth. The "Gods" are seemingly defeated and have returned to their homes (or what's left of them) except of course it isn't.

Hades is wandering around making deals and there is a stirring.

Something is waking up.

The story continues.


 The Titans have returned.

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