Monday, 29 December 2014

Green Lantern: Godhead Finale!

STK658637 Image

Green Lantern Annual #3 (DC)

Robert Vendetti (w) Billy Tan (a)

The final chapter of the cosmic spanning adventure of the war between the various Lantern Corps and the New Gods reaches it's final conclusion in this Annual.

And boy was it worth waiting for.

When this story started I was a but weary of finding the New Gods being so powerful that the Lanterns Rings failed to harm them, but this edition sees the arrogant Highfather and his idiot son Orion get their comeuppance.

As if you didn't expect Hal Jordan to pull through!

The build up to this bumper edition required the reading of this weeks other releases, Red Lanterns #37 and Sinestro #8.

With a massive 4 page pullout at the beginning of the story you'll see why Black Hand is useful to the Lanterns and wasn't used by Highfather.

What happens is spectacular!

The beings trapped in the Source Wall come to life at the touch of the bearer of the ring of death. and the assault begins on New Genesis, where Sinestro is waiting for Hal to bring reinforcements.

Trouble is the beings aren't actually dead in the first place which causes a wee bit of a problem..

A long and satisfying read.

Highly Recommended

But will it...... don't look at the last page until the end...

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