Sunday, 14 December 2014

Lost in Space: The continuation...

Lost in Space (Collected Edition) (Bubblehead Publishing)

Bill Mumy (w) Michal Duthiewicz (a)

Lost in Space is probably the most famous of all the Irwin Allen TV shows which ran from September 1965 to March 1968 and was essential viewing not only back in the sixties as a young child, but later on in life when Channel Four re-ran the series.

Dated? Probably. Timeless? Maybe! Camp? Almost certainly, but not intentionally!!

Worth watching? Absolutley!

Trouble is like a number of programmes the story never finished, so a comic book continuation was long overdue.

And who better to write it!

Will Robinson himself, one Bill Mumy.

With an introduction by Stan Lee this collected volume of stories from the nineties, itself uncompleted at the time was finally published with new chapters back in 2005. I was reminded of this book after picking up a copy of "companion" series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

At 360 pages this volume is a good read if you can still pick up a copy. The stories are strongly reminiscent of the original TV show and although I might have one little criticism (there's the odd religious reference) the story flows well.

And of course is total illogical nonsense.

Loved it!

Forget the remake. The original will never be matched.

Does this story bring our intrepid family home? Nah. Did you really expect that! Treat it as a "lost season.

Danger Will Robinson! Especially if Doctor Smiths involved.....

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