Monday, 8 December 2014

What is the secret?

Secret Six (DC Comics)

Gaile Simone (w) Ken Lashley (a)

The latest offering in DC's "New 52" Universe is the return of a title thats in it's third incarnation, that of the Secret Six. I was a big fan of the pre-Flashpoint team and mourned it's loss so to be honest was quite looking forward to a return.

But like a lot of DC's current output this is quite different and frankly having read the first issue the jury is still out as they say. I found the story reasonable but was very put off by the messy artwork and had difficulty in identifying the new "six".

They are for reference, Black Alice and Catman, Big Shot, Ferdie, Shuana Belzer and Porclain.

They are all kidnapped because someone wants to know..the secret.

Did I say they were prisoners under the sea? At least under water, we'll find out in due course.

Lets hope the art improves.

The original Secret Six only lasted 7 issues when launched way back in 1968. I remember the ads but never read any.

As far as I'm aware the story never finished, unlike the better known Secret Six from the noughties which is worth reading regardless of any lack of continuity with the modern "DC-verse".

Track 'em down. They're worth it!

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