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Spider-Man Comics Weekly (1974)

Spider-Man Comics Weekly (Marvel Comics UK)

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Spider-Man Comics Weekly was the second of Marvel Comics weekly UK titles and their longest running though the name changed over the years. I didn't buy these comics when they first came out as they appeared around the time I left school and became more interested in booze and girls as you do at that age. However like the Marvel Superheroes magazines that I purchased recently these are a great way of catching up with old stories that in their US format without spending large amounts of money that none of us can afford at the moment.

I was a great fan of the old Stan Lee/Steve Ditko Spiderman whose adventures I caught up in with Marvel Tales and Power Comics reprints in Pow! back in the sixties.


Those were the great days of Spidey and his supporting cast.

Spider-Man #46 was the Christmas issue for 1974 and contained a complete story reprinted from the 1967 US edition To Die A Hero which I have read sometime in the past but cannot recall in which format. It features the death of Frederick Foswell. The back up feature was a shortened Thor strip presumably from Journey into Mystery but I'm not to sure about that, perhaps someone can enlighten me!

Marvel announce in this issue the change of format that most readers will be familiar with. The change to "glossy covers". Being quite inexpensive I picked up three of these for now.


The Spider-Man stories were shortened (presumably because they were catching up with the monthly US editions) and Iron Man joined Thor as a back up.

Cracking comics well worth being part of your collection and from the days when I did think Marvel Comics deserved their acclaim.

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