Thursday, 7 May 2015

TV Action & Countdown (1972)

TV Action + Countdown 79

TV Action (with Countdown) was not a comic I read as a lad but picked up a copy, specifically this number because someone had posted the cover to a Face Book page. It stirred my interest because the villains in the Doctor Who feature were created by a reader who had entered their competition. I was particularity lucky to find this as my local comic shop seems to have a very good run of this title.

I might pick up a couple or more issues to see how this story goes.

The other features include a number of Gerry Anderson strips, UFO, Captain Scarlett and oddly given the passage of time Fireball XL5.

Hawaii-Five-0 gets a couple of pages as do the Persuaders (remember them?). Interesting enough but this comic lasted just 132 issues.

TV Action + Countdown 80 TV Action + Countdown 81

The next two issues.

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