Sunday, 31 May 2015

Surface Tension (Titan Comics)

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Surface Tension (Titan Comics)

Jay Gunn (w) & (a)

A new series from a British company, a rare event these days though Titan Comics is gradually expanding it's publishing programme and is running three Doctor Who comic books in the American format. This title caught my attention as it sounded a little different to most of the apocalyptic fare that is on the stands these days which is a little too "zombie orientated" if you ask me.

Nothing wrong with Zombies but the word overdone does come to mind.

Set on one of the Channel Islands, a small community has survived the disappearance of most of mankind into the sea a year ago.

No one has returned... until now.

With no adverts this is a good value opener which sets up the current sate of play, explains the back story and begins the on-going horror.


Highly recommended.

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