Sunday, 27 December 2015

Cor!! Annual 1974

One of the titles I used to read avidly when it came out was the short-lived Cor!! Oddly I don't recall ever getting an Annual so I thought the the time had come to put that right when I saw this one (published in 1973) in my local comic shop.

1974 was the year I left school and my interest in comics was waning at the time as slightly more adult preoccupations were weighing on my mind. However now that I'm well into my second childhood as I head towards retirement the time has come to restore or fill in memories of times long gone.

Most of the strips in this handsome, if somewhat read volume were ones I remember such as Chip, Wonder Worm, Jelly Baby and Whacky but there was one feature that I must have missed as Cor!! went lower on my priorities in the early seventies.

The Goodies!

For some reason I thought this strip appeared in Buster (which Cor!! merged with the following year) but here it is. An oddity that can only be British comics and made them so much fun!


 Like many British comics this Annual outlived it's parent title being published from 1972 until 1986 by which time Buster must have merged with several other titles! Might be worth picking up one of the later editions to see how much (if at all) the contents changed.

Anyway if you want to relive those early days of comics goodness from the seventies grab a copy when you see one.


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