Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Superman #231 (DC/1970)

Superman #231 (DC Comics)

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When I picked this up I failed to notice that the Superman on the cover wasn't actually Clark Kent. It was in fact Lex Luthor! So how so?

This was one of those "imaginary stories" that DC used to throw in to the mix in it's Superman and occasionally World's Finest titles. These were out of continuity tales that allowed the writers to play around with the Superman ethos.

This story The Wheel of Super-Fortune, opens with Superman (alias Lex Luthor) taking Lois Lane to his Fortress of Solitude to watch a movie about the deaths of notorious criminals Jonathan and Martha Kent. They has a son, kept in secret from the world.......Clark Kent.

Clark is the villain of this story but Lois still has a "thing" for him which tortures our hero who works as Lex Luthor reporter for the Daily Planet!

The battle between good and evil in this topsy-turvy tale begins.

Also featured in this issue is a reprint of an old story from Superman #112 (March 1957) which sees a more traditional match between arch-villain Lex Luthor and our boy Clark


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