Sunday, 15 May 2016

TV Comic Holiday Special 1972

(1970 cover shown due to unavailability of 72 edition)

Like most British comics come the summer TV Comic produced the inevitable Holiday Special. A bumper edition of the weekly edition to keep the kids happy.

This edition from 1972 contains Tom & Jerry, Popeye, The Avengers (with Steed and Tara King by this time), Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Mighty Moth plus Tich and Quackers amongst others. Can't say I remember the latter but I'm getting old....

They also had Whacko, which had finished long ago and was better remembered from Buster!

There was Dads Army (still showing regularly on BBC2) plus two absolute favourites of mine Animal Magic with the late Johnny Morris and of course Basil Brush.

Here's some clips to bring back those memories.

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