Saturday, 14 May 2016

TV Comic (1964)


TV Comic was a long running comic which started in 1951 and ran for 1697 weekly issues until 1984. Aimed at younger readers this comic featured a mix of both colour and black & white strips, including early Gerry Anderson shows such as Supercar and Fireball XL5.

I'd have been just six years old when this comic came out and though I recall most of the shows referenced I only have vague recollections of reading the comic itself, probably from later years when TV Comic published The Avengers (that's Steed & Mrs Peel for American readers) plus Doctor Who.

Most issues around this era had Popeye on the cover, though there were exceptions and in later years this was replaced by Tom & Jerry which had a broadcast slot just before the news after "Children's Hour" (for those of you who remember the sixties/early seventies. I'm an old git now!

The issues I picked up included two long forgotten shows. Dickie Henderson (a comedian) and the Tellygoons a puppet version of The Goons from the BBC Home Service (Radio 4 in today's world).

Here's a couple of clips from those bygone days when life seemed so much simpler......

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