Monday, 16 May 2016

X-Men #35 (Marvel/1967)

X-Men #35 (Marvel Comics)

Roy Thomas & Werner Roth (w) Dan Adkins (a)

I first saw the advert for this comic nearly forty years ago and only now have I finally got around to buying a copy. Early X-Men comics attract quite high prices usually so obtaining a lower grade copy for a few quid was a good deal for me. I'm not one of those who collect high grade comics for value. To me this is probably in the condition I'd have it had I actually kept from the sixties. A good reading copy.

And after all that's what comics are for. Reading.

And a wee bit of fun this title was. Another misunderstanding leads to an unnecessary battle between Spider-Man who just "happens" to be deep in the country near a certain school in Westchester County, home of the mutants known as the X-Men when they get a warning

"beware the spider"

The Banshee's message has been cut off after an attack by Factor Three, one of many criminal organisations competing for world domination in the sixties Marvel Universe!

Solid story and art. Well worth the long wait.

To be honest I wasn't a great X-Men fan then and only ever purchased #18 back in the day (which I no longer own since you ask), but as I get older my tastes change and quite enjoy these early adventures though cost dictates British black & white reprints in old Power Comics or Marvel UK titles!

The early incarnation of the X-men didn't do that well becoming a reprint title only for a while due to low sales. Then came the New X-Men and that's a whole other success story for another day!

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