Sunday, 15 January 2017

Giant-Size Captain Marvel #1 (Marvel/1975)

Giant-Size Captain Marvel #1 (Marvel)

Roy Thomas (w) Gil Kane (a)

During the seventies Marvel Comics published a number of "Giant-Size" titles many of which were just reprints, other contained new material plus reprints. This one-off edition of Captain Marvel reprints issues 17, 20 & 21 and contains the key story where Rick Jones leaves the Avengers after trying out as Captain America's sidekick and finds the Nega-Bands which allows him to trade places with Captain Marvel who is trapped in the Negative Zone.

Good old fashioned Marvel adventure ensues as Rick and Cap try to find a permanent method of removing this cursed existence.

The cover which proclaims that our cosmic hero is to face off with both the Hulk and Captain America is misleading. There is no confrontation with Steve Rogers, in fact his opponent in the first story is none other than his old Kree enemy, Yon-Rogg.

Oh and a robotic Carol Danvers makes an appearance, briefly.

Marvel does however confront the Hulk who is off to sort out some protesting students threatening an academic. Long before the "safe spaces"  movement this story. Politically correct types need to avoid upsetting the green skinned one lest he get angry.

Frankly a good read especially since the originals are a bit pricey. Grab a copy if ya see one!

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