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House of Secrets #73 (DC/1966)

House of Secrets #73 (DC)

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Another of DC's "mystery" titles handed over to stories of "superheroes" in the sixties was House of Secrets. This particular issue saw the "regular" feature Eclipso joined by a "new" or rather revamped character called Prince Ra-Man.

The issue opens with the tale of of The Death of Mark Merlin or rather his transformation into a new being when sent into an alternate dimension by the Gargoyle seeking revenge for his past defeats. Here Merlin comes across some Egyptians who have lived here as immortals for 4,000 years under a green hexagonal sun.

Instantly the only woman who appears to live in this world falls in love with him but in order to protect his other love Merlin must return to Earth. Only by vanishing from existence and appearing in the "body and brain of another man". Prince Ra-Man (with "amazing mental powers") is born.

Never a major character in the DC universe his adventures were even to the young child I was in the sixties rather wooden. Unsurprisingly this feature didn't last.

The other story in this issue was Eclipso, a villainous creature trapped in the body of Dr Bruce Gordon. Mostly a villain, sometimes hero, Eclipso did go on to have a role in the expanding DC universe.

Eclipso battles the Sea Titan though is a pretty average sixties feature but entertaining enough.

Not exactly "two of DC's greatest characters" as the cover below suggests, but worthwhile having a couple of issues of this series in your collection though.


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