Sunday, 8 January 2017

Mighty World of Marvel #62 (Marvel UK/1973)

From the early days of Marvel UK hails this issue of Mighty World of Marvel featuring the Incredible Hulk fighting for his survival in the "Hidden Land" on the Antarctic continent. Co-starring Ka-Zar and his sabre tooth tiger Nabu, the pair are trying to save Earth or rather mankind from the effects of an ancient machine that is changing the axis of the world.

What Ka-Zar needs is Bruce Banner, not the Hulk but old greenskin thinks he isn't "puny Banner" and its' all just a trick. Then Hulk gets captured by the followers of Umbu the Unliving which turns out to be a robot connected to very machine that needs stopping.

The battle royale commences.

This story continued from the previous issue which I neglected to pick up but is a reprint from the US Marvel series of The Incredible Hulk #110.

The back-up feature is the Fantastic Four as they meet Diablo for the very first time.

Those were the days.


  1. Nice to see this one again as MWOM issue 62 is one of my favourite comics. loved the Trimpe / Severin art. I managed to pick up the US version for £3 last year when visiting Brighton on a wee holiday and got another UK Hulk black and white comic version of this (from the 1980s) that I wasn't aware of. Hope you have a good 2017 Howie