Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Kamandi Challenge Special #1 (DC)

Kamandi Challenge Special #1 (DC)

Jack Kirby (w) & (a) plus others

With the imminent release of the 12 issue Kamandi Challenge series tomorrow, I thought it time to quickly post about this little, actually quite large introduction to the world of the "last boy on Earth. This is a really essential buy for all Kirby and Kamandi fans. Firstly it reprints the hard to find "giant" #32 of the original series which also contains the origin story.

More that this edition contains the never before published stories fro what would have been #60 & #61 but were cancelled during DC's infamous implosion in the seventies. These are in black & white not that this should matter.

For the uninitiated Kamandi is set in the world after the "Great Disaster" in which mankind has been reduced to the status of mindless beasts and the animals have become intelligent. Not just Apes, but Tigers, Jaguars, Kangaroos and Rats amongst others.

Obviously inspired by Planet of the Apes Kirby introduces us to a world gone mad in a style that only he could have dreamed up. Kamandi was the most successful of the titles that Kirby created for DC following his departure from Marvel Comics lasting 59 issues.

These stories are just a joy to read and it's best not to think about any logic. Just go with the flow and enjoy. That's what comics are for at the end of the day and this wacky series which tied in with Omac is returning for a special challenge. Get this first and prepare to be entertained!


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