Saturday, 21 October 2017

A Charlton Mystery Miscellany

There are many genres within the comics industry ranging from Superheroes which dominate the industry today to those seemingly lost to time like the mystery/horror story anthologies which used to fill the racks. One of the companies that churned these books out was the long gone Charlton company.

Charlton published a wide range of mystery titles over the years and much of the early material will be familiar to UK readers through reprints in the Alan Class range. However Charlton did continue to out out new material and one of their main attractions was the wonderful art of Steve Ditko.

Whether it be puppets or ghosts, demons or simply men (or women) of ill intent Ditko's art always hit the mark. With this in mind it's always worth looking out for Charlton horror comics.

Haunted #51 for example was all Ditko art and just picking up a handful at random can lead to more!


Back issues vary in price but a lot can be picked up quite cheaply and frankly most are a good read even if the production values are err..shall we say, a little lower than their mainstream rivals DC and Marvel.

Grab some old fashioned mystery if you can!

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