Sunday, 22 October 2017

Deadline #2 (1988)

Created by Brett Ewins & Steve Dillon two well known 2000AD creators this was a magazine I never came across or ignored during the years it was published but having recently decided to collect 2000AD comics and related material, Deadline finally came on my Radar.

To be fair I had heard of both Tank Girl and Johnny Nemo but until now hadn't read any of their strips, though it's not so long ago that I came across the Tank Girl movie on one of the Freeview channels which was, well quite dire....

I can't judge a strip entirely on the basis on just one short story so I'm prepared to give Tank Girl the benefit of the doubt for now. Johnny Nemo however was quite readable and wouldn't have been out of place in 2000AD.

Steve Dillon's Sharp was worth the price of entry as was the rather amusing short story One for the Road. As for the rest? Not that bothered.

To be frank this magazine smacks of eighties counter-culture which didn't attract me much then let alone now. It must have had some appeal since it managed to last seven years and seventy issues until 1995. Not a priority for me though.


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