Saturday, 28 October 2017

G.I. Combat #226 (DC/1981)

There was a time when comics published a much wider range of genres than today which is almost totally dominated by superheroes. By the eighties only DC was still putting out a variety of comics including horror, science fiction and war.

G.I. Combat was one of these and this edition represents part of a long run in the much loved "Dollar Comic" format that DC thought might be the future. This over-sized editions were a joy to read containing a lot more material for you hard earned pennies (cents if you are reading this in the USA).

There are no less than six stories in #226 including two from the Haunted Tank which had a ghostly guardian in the form of a Confederate General from the civil war! All the other features were "one-offs ranging from the ordinary to the tragic depending on your tastes.

Some of the action is quite unbelievable but fun to read for a certain generation.  GI Combat was published from 1956 (the first 43 issues by Quality Comics) until 1987 when DC finally pulled the plug after a grand run of 288 editions!


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