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Charlton Arrow #1 (Charlton Neo/AC Comics)

Charlton Arrow (Vol 2) #1 (Charlton Neo/AC Comics)

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Charlton Comics despite it's obvious flaws has always had a fanbase, myself included. The company did produce some great stuff over the years and employed many well known talents such as Steve Ditko and gave future stars such as Roy Thomas and John Byrne a start to their careers. Charlton paid the least but gave the most editorial freedom to their creators.


The low production values that Charlton were infamous for was simply down to the economic necessity of printing comics just to keep their Derby presses running. It was cheaper than switching them off. Go figure.

Of course Charlton went out of business in the eighties unable to compete in the modernising world of comics. Nevertheless they left a legacy.


A number of Charlton fans and creators started producing a tribute comic that lasted 5 issues but was only available by direct order but in conjunction with AC comics Charlton Arrow has been relaunched with a new #1 through Diamond and can be ordered through your local comic shop/

A bit pricey at $7.99 but with 44 pages and no ads this is solid entertainment that will appeal to fans of the Charlton companies creations. E-Man and Nova return with a new adventure and Colonel Whiteshroud reappears in Monster Hunters!

There's also The Origin of Mr Mixit, a hero inspired by various Charlton characters. Can you spot 'em all. Plus weirdness in Edison Corless Industrial Steam & Ironworks.

Horror makes its appearance with Deathwatch: Dead Reckoning

The second issue has already been solicited and Charlton Arrow will appear on a bi-monthly basis. Give it a go!

Coming in January:

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