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Tales of the Unexpected #70 (DC/1962)

Tales of the Unexpected #70 (DC)

No credits (w) & (a)

One of those anthology titles that used to hit the stands for years. This one was all science fiction for a period and the cover star was the Space Ranger. Quaint old fashioned family entertainment all-round I have to say,  but those were gentler times..

Three stories herein. A family becomes stranded on an alien world whose sole inhabitant doesn't like intruders. The Hermit of Planetoid X is the sort of adventure you would get in Lost in Space as things turn out well, all a bit family Robinson sans robot & Dr Smith!

Next up is Planetary Bodyguard in which our hero whose seemingly only known by his surname "Lawson"gets tricked by an alien enemy spy using a disguise and false name of Syr Synge escape from aliens called the Thugians. Gotta laugh at that name, bet the writer was having a glass or two of Old Kentucky when he wrote that!

There's more as Syr whips off his head mask and holds Lawson hostage to get to Earth, but this alien has a weakness that Lawson remembers from his office so lands in a field of tobacco and sets the plants alight which knocks out the alien and saves the day.

Not sure what the subliminal message was supposed to be there kids. Is tobacco bad for your health or just the thing to fight aliens with? Don't ask me gave up nearly two years ago already!

Finally we get to the cover star, Space Ranger who is facing his Invincible Enemy. The Martian criminal Xorog is not only committing crimes but has superpowers no one has seen before anfd is apparently unstoppable. What is the secret behind this nefarious development?

Of course Space Ranger, lady friend and alien shape changing buddy in tow do there best and manage to stop Xorog makes his final theft.

Not sure if the covers below illustrate the same villain but they do look like Xorog makes a couple more appearances.

Great little comic for a rainy afternoon!


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