Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Two-Gun Kid #100 (Marvel/1971)

Two-Gun Kid #100 (Marvel Comics)

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If there was a disappointment for me after picking up this edition of the Two-Gun Kid it was entirely due to the fact this issue was all-reprint from 1964 according to the small print. I'd expected something a little special for such a landmark issue. Boy was I mistaken.

I'm more familiar with the DC Western characters (Jonah Hex, Batlash, Scalphunter) than Marvel. I've only read two issues of Kid Colt from the Marvel stable which was why I picked up this book.

The stories are a mixed bag with old fashioned artwork. Quite liked the first story (which was what the cover was based on) but the others are pretty forgettable.   On the basis of this I doubt I'll pick up another. Can't like 'em all!

Two-Gun Kid actually runs from #60 (the previous 59 issues had a different Two-Gun Kid) not that I care about that much.

For once not recommended.


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