Friday, 5 October 2018

Green Lantern #46 (DC/1966)

Green Lantern #46 (DC)

Gardiner Fox & John Broome (w) Gil Kane (a)

When I was a child back in the sixties the big super-hero name in the playground was Batman due to the fabulous TV show with the late Adam West. Everyone wanted to be him (never Robin) or sometimes Superman. Nobody wanted to be Wonder Woman because that sort of thing wasn't done back then...

My favourite hero however was the Green Lantern and I liked him because he was a space-cop , could go anywhere in the universe and meet beautiful alien women. I don't know of it's a false memory but I seem to recall a double breasted red skinned women somewhere along the line. Heck I had eyes for Barbara Eden (I dream of Jeannie), Samantha (Bewitched) and Diana Rigg (The Avengers). Obviously I was a tart from an early age!

This is a comic I have had for some time and picked up to read in my retirement. This issue contains two stories, The Jailing of Hal Jordan which sees our hero's secret identity get imprisoned for robbery. In this we see the rings ability to "mind read" and force confessions from the real culprits. Don't remember those abilities and GL certainly doesn't have those powers in the modern age.

However it was the story on the front cover that attracted me. In The End of a Gladiator Dr Polaris has seemingly killed Hal and his body is taken lifeless to Oa, the planet at the centre of the universe inhabited by the little blue men called The Guardians. The Green Lantern Corps prepares to find out the truth. Trouble is this story is continued next issue. One day I will get a copy which is illustrated below.

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