Thursday, 1 October 2015

Marvel Flashback: Marvel Team-Up: Spiderman & Killraven (1976)

Marvel Team Up #45 (Marvel Comics)

Bill Mantlo (w) Sal Buscema & Mike Esposito (a)

The only Spider-man comic I have ever really been interested in since the departure of Steve Ditko from the main title back in the early days of Marvel was Marvel Team-up. This comic (mostly starring Spidey) featured the webbed wonder teaming up with a variety of Superheroes from across the Marvel Universe. This one stars Killraven who fights against the Martians in the not to distant future.

The Martian invasion in this time line is the aliens second attempt which never happened in mainstream Marvel (Earth 666 reality) so bear that in mind when trying to workout continuity. Just go with the flow.

Spider-man arrives in the future on Doctor Dooms time travel platform just in time to help Killraven fight some tripods. Given these Martians had wiped out most of humanity and military it's surprising how vulnerable they are to being tripped over and beaten by err...spider webbing. Makes you wonder!

Still the inevitable fight breaks out the heroes win and part company and off Spidey goes trying to get home, except in the next issue he meets Deathlock who is also set in an alternate future.

Oh well. Makes for good stories, just don't think about it too much. Just enjoy!



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  2. "Marvel Team-Up" (Spider-Man + other(s) along with "Marvel Two-in-One" (The Thing + other(s) were great intro titles to other lesser known giving readers great team-ups of well known ones too. Same went for the DC titles of "Brave and the Bold" (Batman + other(s) & "DC Comics Presents" (Superman + other(s). Would great if a monthly crossover series (DC & Marvel) along the same lines was created... be a popular series I'm sure.