Friday, 23 October 2015

The "last" Betty and Veronica #278 (Archie Comics)


Betty and Veronica #278 (Archie Comics)

Dan Parent (w) & (a)

Following the relaunch of the main Archie series and it's companion title, Jughead it became pretty obvious that the remaining old style Betty and Veronica comic would come to an end and prepare to join the new re-vamped line published by Archie comics.

The two girls fighting over Archie Andrews have had this joint title since 1951. Relaunched in 1987 the two volumes combine to an amazing 625 issues, hence the two numbers on the front cover. This isn't the last issue of course, Betty and Veronica is just going on hiatus to be relaunched in the near future.

And what way to go out? A school dance and a squabble over Archie Andrews affections once again.

Here's a couple of preview pages for your enjoyment:


Readers of this blog will notice I have a bit of a soft spot for Archie Comics. They always were good wholesome fun. Here's another couple of covers for old times sake.

So who would you choose? Betty or Veronica?



  1. I'm a bit perturbed that, already suffering from chronic lateness on two of its acclaimed series - Afterlife With Archie and Sabrina - the publishers have announced that the new-look Betty & Veronica will be written and drawn by Adam Hughes!

  2. Yes. it'll be lovely - but if we're lucky, we MIGHT get what, one and a half issues in five years?

  3. Still - it'll make Afterlife and Sabrina look regular by comparison...

  4. Adam Hughes would be a great choice but yes he is slow and Archie do need to get their schedules back on track. Afterlife with Archie showed them their characters still had potential. I understand the lateness for Afterlife was due to the illness of the artist.