Saturday, 10 October 2015

Some birthday reading!

I was born on a Sunday so there isn't a comic published on that day, so the nearest I could find was a copy of The Eagle from Monday October 11th 1957. Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture of this anywhere and I don't have a scanner. Never mind.

These Annuals are for my reading pleasure today, so I thought I'd share!

Steel Claw, The House of Dollman, Captain Hurricane, Billy Bunter, The Nutts and more!

Last of the Odham style Wham! Annuals which became one of my favourites and still remember my father giving me the first issue way back in 1964!

Eagle Eye, General Nitt and His Barmy Army, Pest of the West and the best strip of all, Georgie's Germs! What else could a lad ask for!


  1. Don't "have to" use a scanner can take a picture with a digital camera or smartphone and upload that?! Oh, and Happy Birthaday! ;)

  2. Thanks mate! I may be on-line but I have always resisted having a mobile phone, smart or otherwise. And my camera still takes film..... old fashioned me!"

  3. Wow! I thought I was the only person left in the world without a mobile phone!