Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Commando: The Survivor!

The Wrong Enemy

One of the most famous and long running British comics is the pocket book size Commando published by DC Thomson, who also issue The Beano which is now the worlds longest running comic book. Both of these titles survive on our newsagents shelves to this day.

Commando has four issues published every fortnight which includes two new stories along with one "silver" reprint from 25 years ago and one "gold" featuring a story from the earlier days of this great comic.

Back in the sixties and seventies this was just one of a whole range of "pocket book" libraries that we used to buy and swap with our mates. These little comics always had a complete self contained story and were always more gritty than their American (or weekly British) counterparts because the heroes didn't always survive. 

Out Of Time Dive And Kill!

While most of these titles (including Commando) focused on the Second World War, there were stories from other conflicts over the years mainly the First World War, but also Korea and in more modern times tales from further back in history such as the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars. amongst others.

The Eagles Ride 

There were also science fiction stories and one series about a lost Roman Legion which I'll leave for another day.

The Wrong Enemy (Commando #4886) is a tale about an Italian soldier and his change of sides from fighting the British in North Africa to the Nazi's in his home country. This story was originally published in 1991 and like all the reprints carries a disclaimer about politically incorrect language.

Deadly Pursuit  Night Prowl

There's certainly plenty of these to collect given the numbering will reach 5000 issues later this year and with the variety of conflicts covered there should be something for everyone to enjoy.


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