Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Lion Holiday Special 1980

One of the great joys of summer was being able to pick up a giant sized edition of your favourite comic.  Lion was one of the better boys comics which produced no less than 17 of these between 1967 and 1980.

What is even more remarkable was that the comic itself had ceased being published in 1974 when it was merged with Valiant, then IPC/Fleetway's flagship title.


These are difficult to find and in good condition generally more expensive than the annuals due to there being taken on holiday, subsequently damaged or left behind on the beach or in the back of the car!

The 1980 Holiday Special was to be the last, but was or is a cracking read. The lead story as seen on the cover was a meeting of two old Lion favourite Archie and the reformed villain The Spider which was presented in two parts inside.

Also of note was a lengthy Black Max feature which for the uninitiated was a story set in the Great War about an RAF pilots battle against giant bats. Yes you read right! Originally appeared in the short-lived Thunder comic which merged with Lion in the early seventies.

There's also three adventure with Zip Nolan, motorcycle cop, some comedy with Mowser and The Spooks of St Lukes plus a whole wrath of features including a look at the second Star Wars movie.

Grab a copy of this or any other Lion Holiday Special if you get the chance!


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