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The Phantom #47 (Charlton/1971)

The Phantom #47 (Charlton)

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Charlton published comics in virtually genre possible over the years. One of it's longer running properties was The Phantom, stories of "the ghost who walks" and lived in the jungles of a fictional land called Bengali presumed to be somewhere in Africa.

Originally created in 1936 The Phantom was one of the longer lasting "pulp" and comic characters created appearing in adventures across the media including of course comic books!  The run of which this issue is a part originally started as a publication by Gold Key in 1962.

Gold Key's tenure lasted 17 issues until 1966 when the licence passed to King Features (owners of Popeye) where it lasted for a further 11 issues.


Charlton took over the helm after a break in publishing in 1969, where The Phantom lasted a respectable 45 issues until 1977.

The stories are exactly what you might expect. Pirates, giant gorillas, savage tribes, adventurers  and in the case of the issue I picked up, a long hidden underground civilisation under the earth.


As a lad I never purchased any of these but did read the reprints in the Alan Class black & white books published over here in the sixties and seventies. I understand there was a little problem of not having permission from King Features over this and other properties such as Mandrake.

Oh and there was a cracking movie made in 1996 that's worth watching, especially for the scene where the phantom jumps from a plane onto the back of a horse. Don't try that at home. Besides being bloody dangerous you'd probably break the horses back.

Stick to comics. No one really gets hurt there, it's all just fiction right.....

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