Saturday, 12 November 2016

Scream! Holiday Special 1985

One of the best but short-lived British comics was Scream!, fondly remembered despite lasting just 15 issues before being merged or absorbed into the Eagle. This wasn't the end though as no less than four oversized Holiday Specials appeared between 1985 and 1988.

Like most "Holiday" or "Summer" specials these are difficult to get and are usually pricey in comparison, but I decided to treat myself after being laid up with illness for the past week or so.

This edition contained stories of Dracula (their version from the on-going comic)  plus Tales from the Thirteenth Floor featuring Max the overprotective computer including a reprint of his origin for those who may have missed it.


There are a number of short "one off" tales such as The Witch, Food for Thought and and Dead Wrong plus humour from Fiends & Neighbours which although appeared in Scream! was from another IPC title.

These specials are worth picking up if you can find 'em.

Now Rebellion has the licence maybe they'll try a new run. We can only hope!!!

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