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The Invaders #1 (Gold Key/1967)

The Invaders (Gold Key)

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One of the often overlooked publishers of the sixties is Gold Key, who actually put out a ton of material from all genres, especially adaptations of TV programmes. The Invaders was one such short lived title published to coincide with the TV programme of the same name. The comic lasted 4 issues, the TV show two seasons and 43 episodes.

The background? Aliens from a dying planet taking human form to wipe out humanity and claim planet Earth as their own. One man David Vincent (played by Roy Thinnes) became aware and made it his mission to warn mankind.

Trouble is no believed him until it was nearly too late in each episode and one or two people at a time he gained support. However that was part of the problem. David Vincent always managed to turn up and defeat them which was kind of difficult to believe which was why this show never had a proper ending. It got kind of monotonous.

As a young child I recall watching this more because it was on the telly rather than being a big fan and the repeats of the Horror Channel have long passed below my radar of interest.

The comic is a fair enough representation of what the show had to offer but with all the competition out there in the silver age of comics this title did not last.

For those of you who are old enough to remember are the opening credits which seemed to promise more than the programme ever delivered.

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