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Tomahawk #100 (DC/1965)

Tomahawk #100 (DC)

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One of the long running comics produced by National/DC Comics was Tomahawk, the tales of a soldier set during the American Revolution or War of Independence whatever your history teacher called it. I recall reading just the one issue as a lad and being British (and proud of it) I was none too happy at the depiction of us Brits as the bad guys.

However history is not as simple as seen through the eyes of a child and the actions of King George III & his ministers led to the revolt in the colonies, creating the nation now known as the United States of America. That is history.

Tomahawk of course is fiction and some of the scrapes were, well unbelievable and not based on historical event. In this edition he turns into a "Giant Liquid Man" as the result of the beating of a sacred Indian drum.


In other issues he faced various monsters, cavemen flying pterodactyls as well as us Brits and a more than a few hostile Injuns.....

Running from 1950 until 1970, the comic abruptly changed into Son of Tomahawk for the rest of it's run finally ending in 1972.


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