Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Dandy Book 1975

The Dandy is one of the most famous British comics ever published running from December 1937 until December 2012 for an incredible 3610 issues. Korky the Cat and his pals entertained countless generations of children. Only the Beano and The Eagle (for older readers) can lay claim to having such a presence amongst young minds over the years.

Produced by Scottish family publishers DC Thompson the comic also saw no less than 79 Annuals which even continue to this day and the latest is the shops as I write. This particular edition cover dated 1975 would have been released in the run up to Christmas 1974, the year I left school though by then the Dandy was not on my reading list.

Featuring the adventures of Desperate Dan, Smasher, Dirty Dick, Bully Beef and Chips plus Corporal Clott amongst others will bring back memories of the world when life was simpler.


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