Sunday, 7 May 2017

Scream #4 (Skywald/1974)

Not to be confused with the British comic of the same name, Scream was a short-lived black & white comic magazine from Skywald in the early seventies. A companion to the publishers other mags Psycho & Nightmare this was of course a horror anthology.

I find these either difficult to track down or a bit pricey but occasionally a bargain can be found. And it's usually worth the entry!

This issue contains six stories kicking off with the ongoing story of Lady Satan in Satan Wants a Child in which a woman finds herself possessed and pregnant. Daddy turns out to be the Lord of Flies. Who knew?

The Oblong Box by Edgar Allan Poe follows and is as one might expect somewhat disturbing. Less interesting is The Skull of the Ghoul which despite it's title is a rather formulaic vampire tale.

However the issue picks up with the cover story The Legend of the Cannibal Werewolf. Interesting twist. Nuff said?

The three final tales include the disturbing tale The Lunatic Mummy, The Vampire Kingdom plus another gross ending with When The Dusk Falls So Does Death.

Go on grab a copy if you find one. The horrors are just fiction aren't they......


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