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Tower of Shadows #6 (Marvel/1970)

Tower of Shadows #6 (Marvel)

Various (w) & (a)

From 1970 hails an edition of Mighty Marvels horror/mystery title Tower of Shadows. I used to pick this up from the newsagents back in the day. Always been a fan of the genre and this issue contains three gems from Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Wally Wood, Steve Skeates and Gene Colan.

Kicking off with Man in the Rat-Hole by Lee & Ditko from 1960 that tells the tale of a shrinking spy. Usual dramatic ending with a dilemma that cannot be resolved...or can it? What would you do!!

Next up is The Ghost-Beast with both story & art by Wally Wood. Beowulf comes to conquer and faces a mythical beast that causes madness in those that see it. Only when he thinks he's killed it does the story begin...and how Beowulf saves the day will horrify & amuse in equal measure.

Last up is The Scream Beyond by Skeates & Colan.  A fast moving story of an ugly little man whose special effect recordings of accidents are caused by the real thing. But where is that sound coming from....? No I'm not giving away the ending. Pick up a copy if you come across one.

Tower of Shadows ran for 9 issues before having its title changed for no apparent reason to Creatures on the Loose.


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