Thursday, 4 May 2017

(Yet Another) Youngblood #1 (Image)

Youngblood #1

Youngblood #1 (Image)

Chad Bowers (w) Jim Towe (a)

Here we go again. Yet another Youngblood series from Rob Liefeld. I've lost count of the number of relaunches reboots, remakes and updated redrawn and rescripts. None of them have ever finished, mots didn't make it past one or two issues before they disappeared off the publishing schedule.

Like most fans I get annoyed then resigned to the fact, swear I'll never buy another Liefeld comic and as soon as one is solicited off I send my order half expecting it to never arrive. This month the third issue of the series has been solicited. There's even a redraft of the first issue of Brigade which may or may not get published , but it's on my pull list.

Love him. Hate him. Liefeld never seems to give up and neither do we. I don't know why.

As for the story? There is one. Will it finish? Doubt it. Will I get annoyed again. Probably. Will I order yet another #1. Oh yeah, and I'll kick myself every time.

Oh and there's a back up story in this issue by Liefeld himself.

Enjoy while it lasts.

Youngblood #1

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