Sunday, 4 June 2017

Battle Holiday Special 1988

One of the "new wave" of British comics Battle which ran from 1975 to 1988 produced seventeen editions of the inevitable and much loved "Holiday or Summer" specials that helped pass the time during the long summer holidays. Well not so long for oldies like me who got just a couple of weeks by the eighties due to a little thing known as work.....

Nevertheless these editions which contain a mixture of new and reprinted material are still a great read and worth picking up when you can find a copy. Not cheap, but worth every penny. The 1988 Holiday Special is also printed on a higher grade of paper so is in better condition than equivalent "newsprint" specials.


Battle had itself ceased publication in January of that year being subsumed or merged with Eagle, but publishers kept the title alive for specials and Annuals for a little longer the last one hitting the stands in 1991.

All the favourites are inside. Johnny Red, the Hurricane pilot on the Eastern Front in no less than two adventures. There's Charlie's War, Rat Pack and Storm Force plus a few extras. and features.

A fondly remembered comic with great art and stories.


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