Friday, 30 June 2017

Star Spangled War Stories #125 (DC/1966)

Star Spangled War Stories #125 (DC)

No Credits except Joe Kubert (a) 

One of DC's oddest war comics was Star Spangled War Stories which featured adventures set in the War that Time Forgot where (mostly) American soldiers would find themselves on an Island/alternate dimension where the Dinosaurs still roamed and all hell was let loose.

These were quite exciting tales for us young kids at the time but with age the stories become full of holes. For example in this issue a Tyrannosaurus Rex is manhandling a tank and chewing it up. It's tiny arms could not have done that let alone not get blown to bits by a cannon. I mean really.

Oh and this one also features a member of DC's original "Suicide Squad" babysitting a Robot GI. You have been warned!

Still despite the blatant nonsense these are quite entertaining little tales and was obviously quite popular running from #90 (May, 1960) until #137 (March 1968).

Great fun and worth picking up from time to time.


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