Monday, 26 June 2017

Scream! Holiday Special 1986

Although Scream! only lasted a mere 15 issues between March and June 1984, it did produce no less than 4 Holiday Specials and there was a fifth that went under the title of Spinechillers for reasons unknown to me anyway. I was lucky enough to pick up the second of these recently and I have to say these are worth picking up even if not on the cheap side.

With a cover featuring everyone's favourite vampire and a story inside to match theres plenty of scare and thrills to be had inside such as Tales of the Nightcomer, Demon of the Deep, Ghostly Games and Mother Haggards Helpers.

The reasons for this comics demise lay in poor timing due to industrial action and ended up being merged with Eagle where Max, the Computer with The Thirteenth Floor became a regular feature as did Monster the latter being reprinted in it's entirety by Rebellion recently.

I've said this before and I'll float the idea again Scream! would have made an ideal companion for 2000AD. Perhaps now that Rebellion have the rights they could consider a monthly or fortnightly comic.... just saying!


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