Thursday, 29 June 2017

Captain Marvel #15 (Marvel/1969)

Captain Marvel #15 (Marvel Comics)

Gary Friedrich (w) Tom Sutton (a)

One of my favourite all time Marvel heroes is none other than Captain Marvel himself. Not the first character with this name, Fawcett had a top selling superhero called Captain Marvel way back in the forties but had ceased publication due to a lawsuit with National Comics (DC) way back in 1953. This presumably was why Marvel were able to use the name.

Originally appearing in Marvel Super-Heroes #12, the good captain, a rebel from the planet Kree became an important part of the Marvel Universe. This issue picks up in the middle of a story featuring the rather all-powerful, all-seeing Zo. This cosmic entity needs Mar-Vell briefed of a mission of great importance that Zo wishes him to carry out.

Since this involves the destruction of the Kree homeworld Captain Marvel is not at first impressed but when the need for his homes destruction is explained, off the good Captain goes.

Why these "cosmic entities" need others to do their dirty work is always a mystery but then we wouldn't have a story otherwise, which leads me to the problem.

Got to find the next issue to see what happens.

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