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Back Issue Spotlight: Strange Adventures #122

Cover for Strange Adventures #122 (1960)

Strange Adventures #122

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Back in the early sixties DC published a range of science fiction and "horror" comics that were very much the product of a simpler age. I picked up a "fair" copy of Strange Adventures (Nov 1960) at a reasonable price though due to it being a bit fragile "cover wise" so I chose to read it flat on the table.

This edition contains three quite charming little tales, the first of which David and the Space Goliath was a modern take on the bible story with a twist. Think android with a dodgy stomach and you get the drift. The cure? Delivered by our version of David.

Quite charming.

The second tale loosely based on selling ones "soul" is Star Actor of the Space-ways about an ageing actor and an offer from a bunch of aliens he can't refuse, can he. All he has to do is impersonate an alien leader. But not for a good reason. It all works out in the end though as most stories of DC's family friendly series did in those days.

Finally we are treated to an appearance of Star Hawkins, a Private Detective in the 21st Century! This particular little adventure centres on his robot, Ilda in a little tale called The Case of the Red Hot Robot.

Also of interest are the adverts for other DC titles. An early adventure of the Justice league is given a full page splash and The Flash & Green Lantern are featured in mini-ads. The beginning of the DC universe. Those were the days though a little to early for me, I would have been 3!

Worth tracking down.

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