Monday, 24 November 2014

Wonder Woman: New storylines begin!

Wonder Woman #36 (DC)

Meredith Finch (w) David Finch (a)

After a story line lasting some three years since the reboot of the DC universe begun, Wonder Woman is to take a new direction under new creators. To summarise there has been a war in Olympus amongst the "gods" and it's ended with a number of changes. Ares, the "God of War" is dead and the his replacement? You got it, Wonder Woman.

The "First Born" is finally defeated and the "Last Born" has taken the throne, though being a bay his mom is with him for the moment. Until Zeus grows up again that is.

The males are back on Paradise Island and the Amazons are not happy even though they could not have won the war without them. However given their Queen and Wonder Woman's mother has been turned to stone the decision to keep them their lies with Diana as for the time being she's err.. the Queen.

Add to that her membership of the Justice League and Wonder Woman has got her hands full as off she goes to discover why so many people have died from unnatural weather causes.

The daughter of Zeus (as we have now discovered) is far from happy with all these responsibilities and lashes out at the Swamp Thing when she finds him at the scene of the crime.

A promising story, with guest stars a plenty in this first superbly drawn adventure.

Highly Recommended.

Cover for Superman/Wonder Woman #13 (2015)

Superman/Wonder Woman #13

Peter J Tomasi (w) Doug Manke (a)

Now you did know that Superman and Wonder Woman were an item in the "New 52" and to cement their relationship DC have given them their own teamup book. Having just fought their way through the "Doomsday" crisis, Clark and Diana are off on a date that's what couples do isn't it?

Except these are the two most powerful superheroes on Earth. Their evening can't go without incident can it.....

Of course it doesn't.

Enter the Atomic Skull and Major Disaster, Clark and Diana's evening out comes to an end.

Combined with flashbacks to the attempted invasion of Earth as the two first meet this is a good issue to kick off with if you haven't given the title a try yet.

Did I mention Wonderstar?

Who he?

Highly Recommended.

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