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Justice League 3000

Justice League 3000 (2014) Logo

Keith Giffen (w) J.M.Dematties (a)

Justice League 3000 is one of the more "left field" comics being produced by DC comics as part of their "New 52" universe. Advertised as the Justice League in the 30th century what we actually got was a bizarre group of individuals who thought they were reborn from the 21st century but something wasn't quite right.

Clones was the first though on every bodies minds but it turns out they are something different.

Something requiring a terrible sacrifice to bring in to being.

Justice League 3000 Vol 1 1

The hero's we meet are flawed. "Superman" is an arrogant tosser, "Wonder Woman" a wee bit of a psycho and after he is killed the Flash is a woman and she's actually from the 30th century.

The secret as now revealed (spoiler) is that a pair of ultra-intelligent twins (ones evil it turns out) have used DNA from the dead heroes to overwrite another human being so they become the hero.

In the latest issue Terry the evil twin plots his revenge by raising others on this basis. Bane, Sinestro, Zeus (don't ask), the Mirror Master and err... Lois Lane as a kind of Injustice League.

Cover for Justice League 3000 #11 (2015)

Not a suprise really, well except for the evil Lois Lane, but that's not the real mystery at the core of this story.

But first a recap, of sorts.

This is supposed to be the 30th century but there is no Legion of Superheroes. Earth is a prison planet.

So one asks is this an alternate future? A different dimension?

The mystery deepens as the anticipated return of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold takes place and these are the pre-New 52 versions according to gossip on the net, Blue Beetle is certainly not the alien symbiont of the new DC.

This book therefore suddenly becomes essential reading as the weekly Futures End and Earth 2 War books head towards Convergence next year.

More on that to come.

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